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Darkness Lifting (Darkness Ahead Of Us #3)

A nation devastated by an EMP. Two women. One Goal.

After joining a new settlement, Anna Greene and her sister think they’ve found a safe haven, but when an old enemy shows up, everything is thrown into chaos.

Christine Hughes and her son have been struggling to survive alone. Now they have one final opportunity to live in safety. When supplies go missing and friction arises between the members of the community, can Chris trust her instincts and keep her son and herself alive?

Anna and Chris are both fighting for their families, and this settlement is their only chance.

Darkness Lifting is the explosive finale in this gripping post-apocalyptic EMP trilogy filled with flawed, complex characters and psychological suspense.

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front cover darkness falling book 1. woman starting at a derelict cottage holding an axe

Darkess Within (Darkness Ahead Of Us #1)

A nation devastated by an EMP. Two women, struggling to survive.

Anna Greene isn't prepared for emergencies, let alone the end of the world, but she's a quick thinker and plans to hunker down while England's government and military desperately attempt to preserve the peace. But first she needs to find her sister.

While stocking up on supplies, Anna meets Christine Hughes, an overworked nurse with only one goal: to keep her family safe. Even if she has to kill to do it.

With food and water becoming scarce, the army rapidly loses control of the situation.

Both women are faced with an impossible choice: who would you sacrifice to protect the people you love?

front cover darkness falling book 2. Two women and a dog walking through a town with buildings on fire

Darkness Falling (Darkness Ahead Of Us #2)

A nation devastated by an EMP. Two women, two different paths.

After narrowly escaping death, Anna Greene is finally reunited with her sister. Driven from her home, she travels to the house of her abusive father—only to find him in a diabetic coma, out of insulin, with a stranger claiming to be his new girlfriend.

Forced to shelter at the farm of her son’s best friend, Christine Hughes finally finds a safe community which is willing to accept her and Tom. But it’s not long before her skills as a nurse are required and she’s soon out of her depth—with everything riding on her actions.

Both women are faced with a choice: how ruthless will you be to survive the apocalypse?

The End We Saw (Volumes I-V)

All Five Novellas in One Omnibus

After the Pulse—an apocalyptic event that killed everyone who wasn’t underground at the time—Virginia forges a rocky alliance with a group of survivors.

Together, they must overcome their differences and learn how to live in a decimated London.

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