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and be part of the apocalypse

If you like your apocalypse with a touch of supernatural powers and your characters driven by guilt and redemption, you’ll love The End We Saw, a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic series set in London.

Current Books

front cover to Stolen Visions the end we saw, volume one by Leif Spencer

Stolen Visions (Volume One)

After the Pulse—an apocalyptic event that killed everyone who wasn’t underground at the time—Virginia forges a rocky alliance with a group of survivors. Together, they must overcome their differences and learn how to live in a decimated London.

Stolen Visions is the first book in this fast-paced, character driven, novella series. Read the first chapter now, or grab your copy today. Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

front cover to Chased by Guilt the end we saw, volume two by Leif Spencer

Chased by Guilt (Volume Two)

Now that winter is setting in, the fight for survival intensifies.

With past actions haunting the survivors, trust and friendship are put to the test and rising tensions threaten to split the group.

front cover to Misplaced Mercy the end we saw, volume three by Leif Spencer

Misplaced Mercy (Volume Three)

After the Pulse decimated the United Kingdom, London’s infrastructure is decaying and without power. The remaining survivors are desperate for someone to guide them and many have turned to survivalist cult leader Jonathan. Can Virginia's small group stop Jonathan once and for all?

Their unexplained and still developing supernatural powers are growing stronger. Now, they threaten to kill.

front cover to Forlorn Redemption the end we saw, volume four by Leif Spencer

Forlorn Redemption (Volume Four)

After the Pulse decimated the population of England, a handful of survivors are left with no power, no infrastructure, and no way forward.

Amid mounting despair, survivalist cult leader Jonathan’s following is growing. He vows to hunt down those who possess supernatural powers, declaring them unclean.

front cover to All We Have Left the end we saw, volume five by Leif Spencer

All We have Left (Volume Five)

Spring is on the horizon, and Egbertyne, Amira, and Virginia have to face Jonathan one last time or lose everything they've been fighting for. But with a traitor in their midst, they're not sure who to trust.

Can they overcome their differences and put the past behind them? And will their handful of remaining allies be enough to take on Jonathan's survivalist cult once and for all?

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